Reigning in your resources: How to make money with no money

If you can make money with no money, then you are a king. Making money i've learnt isn't about how much money you have to throw away. Making money is about financial education. How much do you know about what you want to invest your money in and your time in? If you don't know how can you acquire that information for free? Which seminars can you go to? Business networks, or communication events? Who do you know that has done it before you. How can you model what they've done and replicate it, obviously without pinching their ideas, which are probably patented anyway? Who can you go to, friends, family, organisations that will guide you through the reproduction of this.Does this one seed of bloom have the ability to expand internationally, globally. I attempted to run my own business before and learnt very quickly money isn't about how much money your willing to throw. Taking action isn't always about exhausting your piggybank or in the grownup case.....Banks. Your first resource is you: How will you organise and structure your time so you can meet goals and deadlines because that's what this will take. How will you use simple resources: Like the internet, the library,secondhand bookstore Great locations such as ebay, amazon. How will you use your local business centre: If your serious about a goal or a project guess what i learned. Your local business centre(which is free by the way) or the library should be on a first name first term basis with you. They should know you personally so they can work to your advantage tipping you on workshops, fundraisers you can contact,companies that specialise in funding projects like yours. Business advisor, you dont have to assign one that's worth billions of pounds.People can still charge you ridiculously for something, whilst knowing absolutely nothing about it. If your procrastinating on investing funds because you think you'll hit a financial wave and wipeout. Ask yourself key questions am i using the concept of a huge investment to procrastinate? Just because you put in a huge sum of money doesnt mean you'll get a huge financial return back.Research.....something i didn't do enough of. When it comes to money knowledge is always your best friend. image by tangled web


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