Sizzle of social networking:Why i love them

I'm sure there are loads of negative things about social networking, if your desperate enough to find them. For example Jeremy Kyle the talk show hosts hates social networks,it gives already bored people, the opportunity to waste more time stir trouble and evade employment. social networks are extremely successful because society is driven by a need to connect.People who appear cold and distant as format, come home from an exhaustive day at work and guess what? They want to bitch about it. Not just to people at home, but to those outside of their bubble. "My day was crap," "i'm being terrorised at work," "my ex girlfriends moved on and is dating a guy i hate," " my boyfriend might be cheating on me." Translation? Is anybody else going through this agonising pain i'm feeling, the hollowness of depression, the bitter after taste of rejection and a flood of thoughts that are literally strangling the simplicity out of the world i live in. From asking questions of total strangers about their personal lives, to opening a new thread on a forum to keep conversation going about a pet hell or date catastrophe, it's open season. People actually want to reach out,make a connection. Leading world conglomerates,niche businesses or startups put themselves on sites such as Facebook and all of a sudden they have an audience. An opportunity to advertise, market quadruple profits and simply say "don't kill yourself trying to find it, we have what youre looking for." Social networks are not just for drama queens and life diva's; they're for people who want to start friendships, promote themselves,spread great ideas and share creativity. what do you think? image by davespertine


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