Stirring your wheels of momentum

Tape recorder
Mini sketches
Rough list
wearing out the living room carpet whilst talking to yourself with tape recorder on
Playing music
Going for a jog
Reading articles
Talking to your friends or family about an idea, or a plan, saying it out loud excitedly every morning
If you dont start, you wont finish.
If you dont start you wont get to the really tough bit, that delicious gooey middle. Only when it's a task it's not delicious, most of the time not so gooey either. It's blocked. This is the challenge that will really test you, really show you exactly what your made of. I've been there many a time. The middle bit comes with a flamboyancy of emotions, From frustrated to furious and in between. It threatens our pride that were actually getting on with something. We begin to feel hostile towards our project and the feelings of inadequacy it may produce. We feel like were back at the beginning all over again. In a sense we are this is new territory, the end looks so far yet so close by. We begin to wonder if we did everything wrong. Here's the thing

You are not alone. At least 91% of the population drip between those moods. Weaving an inconsistent tune to our lives. Here's food for thought do something, write something, draw something, take action. That's how we build momentum. Momentum is how we get that vision, that 'hungry task' of ours completed. Momentum is the energy we need, that driving force, which makes us take ourselves from A to B. Which guarantees that talk is cheap, and we are doers, we take ourselves in hand and get moving. Momentum means consistency, it means that doubters who talk rapidly about you plummeting to failure can eat their own spicy words. You are who you said you are, and you can do exactly what you said you can do.
image by stijn
image by hay traveller


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