The muscle behind motivation

What drives you do you know? Sometimes we're motivated by anger, resentment, the need for change, the hunger to find ourselves in a better financial situation, the passion to prove a point and the need for escape. If we are the guns, our drive, which forces our actions are the trigger. What happens when a gun is fired? Instant impact. I am very much against the use of firearms, so this post isn't to encourage anyone to pick up a weapon. Actions are like bullets in the air, you never see a bullet being fired out of a gun, what you do see is the damage and the chaos once you hear that sound. Let's make positive impact instead of the negative. Once you've sounded that alarm about a goal, an ambition, a choice you are to make ensure, the impact takes place within you.This means instantly celebrate the fact that your taking charge of your personal future, instantly celebrate that you met the demands, and didn't hold yourself hostage by praying for the back handed high fives of the world around you? Can you do it? Are you really a testament to yourself? This as ive said many times on red ebony....isn't about everybody else's praise. It's about you being a testament to yourself. It is so you prove that your words instantly impact you. Quickly,privately they resonate within your being. image by 00rein00


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