The question of the shy guy

It's that moment of spotlight.You're the apple of someone's eye. They may hide true identity beneath the blanket of nervous cautious gestures, a series of behaviours that make you feel platformed on a pedastal distract you.Those hypnotic stares, curious appearances, questions about you, or potential ways to be near you and share some communication. Maybe its that quirky way you twist your smile, or that belly deep laughter of yours that could warm them from head to toe. Whatever it is, the ego says yum yum i want more of this....Beauty is a minute, dumb is forever. Have you asked yourself the real reason why you are interested in this shy guy, the real reason why conversations with friends, and all your questions keep you hoisted on this one character, have you asked yourself if it's real or not. I can give you a list of positive experiences with shy guys.....which other people have had...And truly negative experiences with shy guys...truly memorable which i've had. The cloud of assumption is that shy guys are always sensitive, kind, warm, marriage material kind of guys, who will understand your inner most feelings. There are some truly great guys out there who are in search of a partner, companion, queen, and painful experiences have made them shy. Translated cautious, scared,overly guarded.Yet there are some wolves in sheeps clothing. Nasty characters, true arseholes, who take pleasure in hiding under the umbrella of shyness, then saving their poison for behind your back yet in front of an audience they save it to get laughs, be liked or have the respect they've been missing at your expense,the perfect whipping words, cover up the lack of confidence they have in themselves.Not all shy guys are like this.Not all of them crave spotlight attention, after feeling ignored or even invisible. I cant tell you the amount of shy guys i've come across who once they get comfortable enough, some of the polite tendencies disappear. Although you can argue people strategically pick who they'll respect and who they'll tear to pieces in lifes game of chess.Wolf in sheeps clothing? Who knows..I actually put this up because someone frustrated argued , "their not automatically saints just because their shy guys. People are people, and guys are guys." I'm not by any means trying to make any shy guy look like a serial killer, although everyone has their dark side. I guess i'm posing the question, if not to women out in the world, What's wrong with happy, confident, self assured guys, that you dont need to analyse as arithmetics, or dont need to fix? I had an experience where a guy was 'shy' when i'm about, and when i showed him some warmth, he was like a vampire going after blood. A truly pathetic one though. Initially i had taken an interest in him because i liked the attention, and disecting the curious behaviours,then things took a turn for the worse, and i didnt see but heard with my own ears how captain charismatic he could be. Yet there are amazingly honest, kind and genuinely warm shy guys, who are just that....kind, warm and loving.


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