Those mighty mistakes

What do you tell yourself when you slip up. Make a you call it. What we tell ourselves during the down times, when the lights are low and the shadows pace rampant define who we become. Adversity defines strength, chaos is an opportunity for courage. An opportunity to show yourself, what you can become. You are not watching anyone else's window, hovering desperately at someone else is door. You are facing yourself across a chequered board in life's wicked yet at times delicious game of chess. Many times we belittle, insult, and sometimes disregardthe work we are putting in. Disappointed that we are not getting the validation from the rest of the world, we succumb to invalidating ourselves with the fierceness and sharp acuracy of a bully. Why did you do that? That was dumb? Now you've proved them all right, why even try? You try, because the person on the floor in the ring is you, and right now you are also their support structure on the side. The coach shrieking "get the hell up!" with such voracity. Go on then get the hell up, or are you scared of heights?No your not. The greatest people in history have made some of the simplest mistakes, yet they still became great. That's because during their most vulnerable moments, they focussed on goals and what was important.I've learned the hard way and i'm still learning, if your living your life so everybody in it is happy? Your happiness is an absent stranger.We cant please everyone. Great people also make bad choices, yet we positive, driven people, get focussed and bounce back. It begins with the words you say, yep, that good old tongue. What you say you'll become is exactly what you'll become. Start with positive affirmations, then continue with positive actions, and if you make a mistake? Guess what?...mistakes happen. are you gonna fix it? image by Tim Wilko


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