Victim vanishing act: Focussing beyond sadness

Were allowed to feel weak, vulnerable, fed up, depressed, angry anxious, panicked and them allow yourself to begin to feel empowered again. Focus on a goal you made for yourself and start tackling it. Remind yourself that you are worth more than gold, diamonds, are priceless, and worthy of a royal parade. Okay very ├╝ber diva. Don't just remind yourself your accomplishing a goal, celebrate the fact that you are doing it. Cultivate a mind of praise rather than fear. You say what you do, and do what you say. Your not a talker, and the world is full of those. Time does not wait for self pity. It's nothing personal life just has too many things to do. Yet when youre in that mode dont beat yourself up even more for feeling down, because guess what?.... You'll feel down for even longer. Remind yourself in life you will have your up moments, and your down moments. It's only human, people wear masks. Sometimes the people we see flashing teeth twenty four seven are not genuinely happy. They are performing for those around them.Yet there are other people who have truly conquered a valuable lesson, if you fight to be happy. Happiness will find you. Whatever we focus on, we attract more of. image by maniowa


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