Whistle while you work: From vision to action

Sometimes big picture visualisations, distract us from present picture reality. The project or idea we've been working on is going to take actual physical sometimes intense labour. As delicious and juicy as big pictures and starry skys are change needs work. Work that demands sacrifice. Work that makes you exhausted, frustrated, dealing with other's you may not like or plundering through miles of research, gems, and then drought. Methods, strategies, and action which you may not be ready to pat yourself on the back for. It could be years before you see even a glimmer of success, or the people around you start boom boxing their ooh's and ahs. If you dont put the work in you wont get the dream. This is what i tell myself when i'm feeling lazy, or dragging my feet. I believe in the law of attraction, and harvesting a positive mindset attracts positive things, yet when your trying to get past a milestone, i believe a good balancing act of action and reward gets the job done. image by Ivan Andreevich


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