Wishful thinking wasted time: How to piss over procrastination

Wasted time. We can never get it back. Wether it's those five minutes, ten minutes, twenty five minutes of our lives we spend in procrastination mode. That clock shows no mercy. Take action, take a risk, on something you care about,are passionate about, or find yourself quizzing that stubborn wooden brain of yours. Be the sponge. Take the risk, even if we fail. We cannot spend or waste our time quizzing ourselves on what could have been. We beat ourselves up in life,kicking sawdust in our eyes. It could have been perfect if we'd only done it like this, or worked our way around that. No wonder why many of us spend much of our lives walking on pins, tiptoeing on giant needles. What if i told you you'd fail the first time,second, twelfth, tenth,100th, how many chances are you willing to take on something you can visualise so perfectly in the peaceful waters of a calm mind. We fail, and we bounce back. Were sore, damaged, broken, cautious, but we bounce, and we have a story to tell, a 'how i met your mother' i call it, 'or how i changed the world.' That is what your minutes, seconds, hours, weeks and months are for. If enoughs enough fine, but you dont waste time, when your learning something valuable you might be able to teach someone else.
That's right, we are all teachers, be it by talk, or be it by actions, everyday the people who come across us learn something about us, and something about themselves.his is your life, and you cant live it to anybody else's standards but yours, it will destroy you. Demand the best from yourself, and piss over any concept of procrastination. Fear can sometimes be reliable and warns us if were going too far. Fear in relation to growth, tells you there's time to be used. A sentence, a sketch, a spidergram, building the actual object of our mental design. You are the architect, and that future your looking forward too, wont happen by itself.


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