Emotional beatdown? Fight

image by u22andme22

In life there will be many times you will find yourself experiencing an emotional beatdown. Cheesey as it may sound to you. Tap into something greater than you right now. Stir yourself up, get excited, focus on the road ahead, and the goals you have which you can visualise clearly in your minds eye.
Remind yourself how great you are. It's easy to listen to the voices of all our critics, our biggest critic ourself. Telling us what we cant do, what we cannot accomplish. Fix your gaze on what you can do, and what you can accomplish for now, tap into a spirit of faith. You are energy, freedom, and joy in essence. Engage in that. Everything we need is within us. Life is full of emotional beatdowns. Wherever there's an up, in time you will find a down, but we have to find the strength to look for that peaceful place within ourselves, within our lives. Even when there's anarchy on the outside. Wether it's put downs, negative situations, we are bouncing balls, inevitably we bounce back. Keep that in mind. No matter how low or down you feel, keep your head up. Because life can change in the click of a second. 

Remember the goal of living is to live a life with positive energy. Apositive mind, is a happy mind.  Get some perspective if you are stepping out of the frame. Our emotions can put us in the wrong lane. Tap into that emotional intelligence we all have, and try to understand how you can make things better for yourself. Wether it's emotional abuse, learning to be emotionally resillient, focusing on improving your emotional wellbeing is core to productive development.  What do you need right now? What is lacking? How can you improve your life? How can you improve your situation. Wether it's friendships, job, worklife, relationships, whichever one it is, see to your emotional needs. You are a priority.


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