Fight for fun and fruitfulness

image by Mothykyuu

Fight for what you want. Go for it because you only live once. I'll say this a thousand times. It's weird that i say it so many times on redebony but it's the truth, so many people in life, live it afraid. They are in this natural passive state of fear, and their so used to being afraid sometimes they don't realise that is what their feeling. sometimes if you don't try. If you don't tap into the frequency of the explorer, you will not venture into the unknown and see what you need to see, find the answers you need to find, know what's right for you or who is right for you. It's so easy to slump back in life and let everybody else live, because were just so scared to do. Scared of being judged. What will other people think of us? Lets rise above what they think? Decide that it's not about what they think, or who they are. We respect ourselves, lets continue to do that. And not let envious people rotten with their own inferiority complex , try and drag you through the mire of their own pain. Focus on fighting for what you want. Focus on fighting for who you are, and refuse to let anybody steal your joy, and take your strength from you. Remain focussed on your goal.


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