Anihilating A.t.M syndrome: How to stop being used for your money (GOLD DIGGERS BEWARE)

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Stop leading with talk of how much money you have
Watch for people's reactions, do they seem bored or uninterested and then they hear you make that comment and their eyes light up?
Are they constantly asking you for things? Or requesting things that you know they wouldn't spend their money on?
Do they keep happening to have forgotten their purse or wallet, yet you seem to see certain new goodies on them
Are they constantly hinting about what they want?
They have expensive taste
Financial problems which of course are never their fault
No health problems or disabilities but seem to get by on their looks
Trust your instinct or intuition
Stop abusing your own pocket by overextending your finances and lending them money for things they don't need.
If they cant pay their bills. Maybe they should have saved up before they invested in that property, if they cant afford the meal, maybe they should just like your company, get creative and spend fun time together picnicking in the park, enjoying a night in, there are loads of cool cheap or even free hide aways for romantic rendezvous, that can be both exciting and a huge turn on
Is the money you lend them never recycled?
Do they support you in other ways as well as just sponging off your bank account. Some money grabbers are strategic with their greed, they may initially pay for things but soon enough the habit of maintaining your purse for money becomes too much of an addiction. They seem to be like a child in a candy store no matter where you go, and you seem to be the provider. If your intuition informs you that you are dealing with this type of character lead less with discussions about how much money you have, stop making your funds appear too available, and making yourself an abundant target. This person needs to take responsibility for their needs instead of trying to sponge off you.

Don't be manipulated because they will make you feel guilty for not giving them exactly what they want, keep informing them about their progress or potential to move forward in life by taking active charge of their responsibilities, and their life. You are not their saviour. Stop buying their affections, you will still be a good person if you don't give them exactly what they want. Most likely they can acquire those things for themselves, they will respect you more, and respect themselves in abundance.


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