Cancelling the curse of the competitive person: The underhhand competitor

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Many people want the reward of a situation, but they are not willing to put the work in to accomplish the goal. How many times have you been around a friend or a family member and your driving away at something, maybe even someone you don't pay much attention to, you suddenly get a positive reward and a positive outcome, and that person springs into action.  Or you get teased about something but soon enough you either see them copying you, or the hysterical one is they'll hide information from you and may only tell you things when they sense your less of a threat. There's nothing wrong with competition, healthy competition with humour is perfectly fine, yet when you deliver good news and the reaction is strange, almost one of entitlement, you find yourself questioning whether you should have kept the good news to yourself.

We all get frustrated sometimes. Especially when you don't want to compete and actually you just want to share how amazing it feels to have reached this goal, how much of a boost it was to your self esteem, how much it lifted your spirits. Remind yourself that you don't need to trap yourself in that lack energy. Every time people with 'entitlement issues' discover a new fad, they jump right on it because they assume that the gratification will be instant. It's not the work you did in this second that got you the result, it's the work you did to lay the groundwork, it's the work you'll do for the future. It's not about lack it's about living. You will accomplish everything you need to accomplish because there's enough to go around for everyone. So whatever they need to do let them do it. People who desperately need to compete with others experience something called burn out. It's when you push and you push yourself watching what other people are doing, and allowing that envy to secretly seep into your mind. If you sense that someone is doing that around you, don't get angry, don't get frustrated, and rant like I used to do, get away and just focus on what you need to do. Don't let them have that energy it belongs to you.  Even people who love you can get threatened or feel insecure and get competitive, life can knock our self esteem. It creeps into the different nooks and crannies, but the best thing for you to do is remember there's enough success, and joy and happiness to go around for everyone.


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