Eva Longoria's commando: Marketing campaign (internet buzz hot new news)

image from www.destinationiman.com 

I love Eva Longoria she's stunning,sexy,stylish,sadly unlike the rest of the population I don't believe Eva commando going Commando (wearing no underwear) at the Cannes Film festival was a mistake . It was a cleverly timed, strategically, organised publicity stunned. She's an actress. That whole 'oops there I go' sorry not buying it. Why did everybody else movie directors, actors, public, writers, other actors remember to put their underwear on. Putting your knickers on is not something you forget.....unless your forgetting it on purpose. We all thought such attempts at publicity mongering were for the Britney Spears, and the Lohan's, clearly Eva has got her own bag of tricks up her sleeve. I have to say though she looked absolutely fabulous, the dress was magnificent, shoes, she's got a great little body, and that stunt will ensure that for the next year her agents cell phone is ringing off the hook, for more magazine deals, interviews, directors will remember her for potential TV shows or movies, this is a woman who will definitely not go gently into that good night. Although what I do feel sorry for though is these upcoming directors, film makers, writers, and even those who are really just about their work and their art, then some celebrity comes in and makes it all about them.


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