Friend in the Frame: When your friend is too into your personal affairs

image by Mothykyuu

From boyfriends, to best friends, job opportunities, even to the way you walk, and the style of which you talk. Many will tell you tales of the copy cat frame, and how it unravelled into a single white female saga, with a seemingly normal best friend becoming some would put it.....inner. This is when your friend begins to selfishly believe your whole life revolves around them.  From flirting with boyfriends, or jealous when you get any attention, trying to alienate you from other friends and consistently trying too draw as much information from you as possible, with their own intentions in mind.
Come up here, where the air is good, and the sky is clear, and the birds can soar. Sometimes friends will do this unintentionally because well their your friends, and they cant help but interfere, because they love you, and they care, and they want to see you happy. Yet if you sense that the agenda is different, and you are simply dealing with a queen Bee phenomena
. Some social climber secretly envious of what you have and desperate to either take it away from you because they want it, or they're just competitive full stop. Focus on you, and rise higher. You don't need to end up in the mire with all their bitterness and their inferiority complex, rise higher, focus on you, focus on being happy. People like this are not happy full stop, it's not so much that they want what you have it's that your happy, your content, whilst their secretly bitter and miserable and they cant take it. People pick the strangest things to be envious of us about, calculative people are clever with their jealousy. For example a jealous person can falsify evidence which can trick people into believing that their the victim, yet  when your around them you have to use logical thinking. Nobody wants to admit to being jealous. It instantly promotes the other person as being stronger, more of an asset, having more to offer. 

 For example how often do they talk about you. If you have someone that's secretly bitching about you 24/7 day in and day out, whether their laughing, or just being mean spirited, their basically trying to target you because they've failed in their own lives. If they were genuinely happy, your name wouldn't even be brought up. You have to be smart enough to say to yourself what am I missing here? Is this person happy in their skin? Are they confident do they have a lot of their own friends? Are they likable? Likability factor is key in self promotion, from business, to any area of life. If people don't like you, they wont try and help you, and you could be the best looking person in the world. To climb up, and to promote ourselves sometimes we need assistance.  Happy people don't have the time to focus on insignificant things, other people's personal affairs.  Here's the thing, if you have a friend who is too into your personal affairs for competitive reason's draw a line in the sand. A simple diversion from the topic, and when you consistently divert she will get the hint. If she has a habit of flirting with your boyfriend or trying to get information from him, tell him how you feel, explaining your emotions and feelings, if it persists, begin to create distance, and she will soon get the hint.


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