Friending up the Frenemy: Tired of playing fiend with the foe

image by violetdrug

Friending up the foe will be hard work. They will have trust issues, after all how would you feel if you're enemy suddenly started being nice, you'd wonder what exactly they want first of all. You'd be suspicious, cautious, wonder why captain cruel has become captain charisma. It may be a long arduos process, or you may find that you click after a few sessions of bonding.

Pay attention to them. What are their likes? Dislikes? Little things, Birthdays so you can say Happy Birthday.
Even things like acknowledging their star signs and sharing star sign info
Compliment them, loud enough for them to hear or do some thing nice and say something nice that will get back to them
Defend them against someone cruel who is spreading malicious gossip about them
Share something with them,
Create a  habbit of saying good morning, good evening, and good afternoon to them
If you have any information that might be useful pass it towards them, or someone related to them
Be friendly to someone they know, so they can go back and tell that person how nice you are.
Smile often
Give them an invite somewhere exclusive. For example if your having a drink up at your house, if your having a party, if you and some friends are going to the cinema, or going to
Make them laugh, a joke always breaks the ice
Apologise and clear the air if deep down you know you were wrong for certain things

You guys will not be Bessie mates instantly...but if you try not to be needy. You focus on your own life and just doing your own things, showing your sociable, likable and friendly, you will draw them in like a magnet. If their agenda is to stay angry, stay bitter, and enjoy the lack of benefits it brings, let them reap their own miserable reward.


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