How to deal with a passive aggressive control freak

image by Daniellefershure

Laugh their control issues into oblivion. Most controlling people have one thing in common, they are extremely insecure, make that two, and extremely paranoid. If your fun and bubbly, somehow the passive aggressive person convinces themselves, well not all, the extremely insecure passive aggressive person. Convinces themselves that somehow you will outshine them and take everything away from them, somehow their insecurities are worn like a bracelet or a chain around their neck. The more you try and relax them, the more insecure they become. It's because these inferiority complexes don't stem from you it originates with unresolved issues they have, everyone in life has something that we've either been through or are trying desperately to resolve.

When dealing with a passive aggressive control freak, if you find that the more miserable you feel the happier they are. Don't complain, flip the switch. Moaning aint honing. It's their need to be centre of everything. If you sense that this person gets a kick out of your misery, laugh often and laugh loudly. If you have to put on comedy, if you have to give them a nickname in your head. I actually nicknamed one of mine, the 'evil giant cockroach', these people are not happy within themselves so they cant bare to see others happy. Someone once said people cannot give you what they do not have, that's exactly what they don't have. Happiness. So focus on being happy within you. Laughing within you, celebrating who you are, and not living in fear or dealing with the burden of other people's stuff. They feel bad about themselves so ....happiness is healing, happiness is medicine. Be happy, and fight for it. Don't let anyone steal your joy, you worked hard to get it.


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