Mistakes as Moulding

image by gilad.

Our mistakes can either be the making, the shaping or the breaking of us. Don't condemn your judgement, often even the bad choices we make come from a good place. Recently I was having a discussion with my mother about dating, I specifically asked her to start picking, my choice in partners and potential friends, because so far. Some of the people i'd invested in had shown themselves to be cruel, dishonest, false, and some even a threat to my safety. She smiled at me then and said the most bizarre thing, in the most offhand tone. Something I hadn't said to myself in years, because the anger within had gnawed so deep. "I TRUST YOUR JUDGEMENT." Huh . I almost collapsed right there, then I realised.

In order to move forward in life you have to trust yourself 100 %. People may let you down, they may disappoint, they may hurt or betray, but when you minus the one, your the one that's left. We find it hard to forgive ourselves the bad choices. When actually we were simply looking for buried treasure in all the wrong places, that doesn't make you an idiot, dumb, stupid, naieve, it makes you hopeful. Sometimes you meet the wrong people to learn the right lesson. This person takes often, and gives little, their not a good investment for friendship in the long run. This person has a jealous nature will they build me up or tear me down? This person likes to belittle others, are they being honest in what they think of me. Nobody is perfect. We are all evolving creatures, masterpieces of our own mental creations. Forgive yourself the bad choices that you made and try and learn from them. In order to get across a river there will be stepping stones, each one brings you closer to the other side, to a more fulfilling destination. Love yourself, forgive yourself. It was a mistake, it wasn't meant to break you. You were meant to learn the lesson, now you can go on with the rest of life's class.


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