Hypnotic: Why he cant take his eyes off you


Simply put because your so charming your alarming. That's right sometimes we have to toot our own horns , acknowledge our strength our beauty, The qualities that draw people of the opposite sex to us.
Men love a beautiful smile, maybe he caught a glimpse of that movie star grin of yours, those flirtatious bambi eyes and the street strut as though everywhere was your catwalk. Was it the bouncers( trainers) that you had on? The Kate moss pumps, or that red dress that seems to hug everywhere in all the right places. Attention is great, we all like to be acknowledged by the object of our affections. Respect is better. How to proceed...how to proceed.

Don't be a pop tart. Over eager, over friendly, overbearing girls, just get avoided. Although feminism does encourage women to be more independent, and be more domineering, and take charge, you can take a camel to the water, sadly you cant force it to drink. Female intuition gets our senses tingling, we hope we can tell the difference between damn she's fit, and ooh that's a hot mess I've never seen anything like it. Lead with regular smiles, greetings. "Hi." Let him extend a hi back, be consistent and not.....we've all been at those points in our lives or come across those people who you know if you don't say hi, or good morning, you can just picture them with a samurai sword and a shotgun. You don't wanna be that chick. Men love to chase. They say they hate women who play a lot of games, and once upon a time, on a little Island called la la land, I bought into that. There are levels of game playing that certain types of characters, not primarily men are willing to tolerate, it's all about self esteem, and self love. In a nutshell though, the hunt validates them. They are hunters, and women are story tellers, it gives both parties the opportunity....to high five themselves.

So the stare. Most body language experts hum about dilated pupils, feet pointed in your direction.......call in the experts it's a gypsy wedding. I will say this, make sure he's doing more than staring or glaring at you, make sure he's trying to build some consistent effective communication.  Making chit chat, trying to get to know you on a more personal level, it has to be more than a look.



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