Budgeting the Bizarre: How strange are you

image by mothykyu

Far out, weird, wacky, odd, bizarre? From dancing in the street, to discussing your ideas on your tape recorder. What are your strange quirks? Talking to yourself, dreams of wearing black to your white wedding, or having ice cream on prawn crackers...ooooh strange. Whatever the quirk, It is actually allowed. That's right we are allowed to be original, bold, distinct, flamboyant and creative so long as were influencing the universe positively. There is room for the eccentric.  sadly positively different people seem to threaten social norms , people distance themselves from them, alienate or snob them, as if their qualities could rub off on you. Then some of these people become millionaires, then everybody celebrates their uniqueness. Why didn't they celebrate them in the first place?
How much strange can you tolerate?
Your allowed to have your own style
From the Goth, to the style queen, the diva, to the icon. Be wild, unique and free, Express yourself with the positivity that you are and the being of light that you were blessed to be, our own stamp, energy, identity are the legacy's we will leave behind. Let that inner light shine brightly. Why spend so much time trying to budget yourself, over compromise, play hide and seek and sacrifice key elements of who we are just to please those around us, people who secretly are not happy in their own lives.  Celebrate your uniqueness, you are a welcome gift. 


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