Dragged to emotional Debris: When people try and put you down

Whenever somebody is desperately trying to bring you down, there's only one agenda behind it. Bitterness and envy. Ask yourself one simple question. Why am I so important in this person's life? Why do I even matter to them? Why am I even significant? Let me give you the answer. You just are. They see something in you that you may not even see in yourself yet, and it doesn't just threaten them it makes them feel inadequate. People don't like to feel inadequate, therefore the only way they can gain significance in your world is by being that idiot who hovers near to cackle at insults about you, or other people ridiculing you. Lets look at this, because for ages I felt small because someone who didn't know me was spreading vicious gossip and ensuring others would judge me without giving me a chance, this was all about their own insecurities and inferiority complex. Then I put it in perspective, could I see myself associating with people this dim-witted? Would I respect their opinions? Their ideas and beliefs about life, would they inspire me, or would I cringe with embarrassment every time they opened their mouth to speak?  Could I see myself socialising with them, laughing with them, ever quoting something they said as genius? Would these people ever be the next president, prime minister, business mogul, with all the time they invested talking about me would they put it towards making themselves successful? Doubtful, highly doubtful. People like this would spend the rest of their lives just talking about what this person and that person did, does or may or may not do. They'll spend a lifetime glorifying any tiny mistake you make because their insecure, threatened and unhappy with their lives, and when you do or say anything positive they will continue to not acknowledge it. You have no choice but to take the anger out. I used to be furious at people like this but then I realise now these people are secretly unhappy with their portion and their trying to share the responsibility of their pain with you. These people  have lost a lot most of it things their probably too proud to speak of. It's their fear of loosing that makes them hungry enough to feel this deep seated need to compete with you. Your probably not the only person they have done this too. The more they try and drag you down have your boosters ready, the things you say to yourself, the things that make you happy, and live your life. Counter their negativity with your own positivity.


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