Fine tuning ourselves out of funk:

image by iatethecat

Stop telling yourself that you can and you will control everything. Sometimes in life there are things that we will not be able to control. When I was younger. I used to believe that everything was black and white, simple, things had the boxes they slid in between. Black and white good or bad, nice and nasty. Yet if everything was so organised.....nobody would have written the book when bad things happen to good people. We learn that we are reactors, and how we choose to deal with a situation, defines who we are and ultimately who we become. Years of anger can turn to bitterness....wasted energy. Feelings of fear mean avoidance and missed opportunities. You have but one life to live. Try your best to live it with joy. Write a list of positive things you will say to yourself every morning, positive choices, and positive celebrations. There is no one else like you on Earth. Affirm your success, affirm your progress, and focus on change and growth.


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