Merry xmas everyone from Red ebony! Make sure it's a happy one.

image by Nurnurich

Xmas doesn't guarantee that we will automatically be happy. Yet your happiness is vital for the day. We fight for our cars, jobs, people who are abandoning us, homes, fight for your happiness day to day, because in life there are distractions. I once made the assumption that simply because you decide to get your life on the right path, the whole world will instantly agree with you. Everybody else will fall into line, everybody will high five you and give you a pat on the back, and tell you how awesome you are. Just for the heads up this Xmas remind yourself how awesome you are no matter who is trying to tear you down, we deal with trial after trial, jealous attention seekers, assuming that if they shine a light on our flaws nobody will notice theirs. In life you are allowed to have flaws, it's called being Human. Celebrate your life.


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