Rain Dance

"we are only people,"
the warrior said to god,
My mouth was a weapon
my heart was a sword
And when i crumbled
and fell from grace;
I couldnt recognize
The eyes on my face
Those eyes like slits
with blinds that drew
and all the pain
My mind it knew
Like a car it breaks
I needed oil
A plant that's barren
Without soil
And all those scattered marbles
Whisper, whisper,
says the owl
says the educator
With a righteous scowl
Says a king
Upon his throne
and all the questions
that thrive and moan
How do i fix myself,
The warrior said to god
Said to angel
With the excalibur sword,
Said to the sergeant
and the Millitia men
Your present is now
Your past was back then

"There is no shame in the mistakes
we make
Sometimes in life
we need a break
To sew the threads
of battered hearts,
and rub the wounds
of clustered scars
The warrior crumbled
upon the ground
He sobbed aloud
and it echoed sound
For pain it carries
Stretched like a bow,
Choice is a mission
That wise men know
The warrior rose
From upon the ground,
standing tall,
his sandaled feet
His tired brow
" I am the horizon, i'll rise again"
In this life there's sun and rain.
Life is all about balance
Sunshine and smiles
and happy faces
and yet there's shadows in darkened
Open your eyes
and look beyond your pain
Take off your shoes
and dance for the rain

Red ebony


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