A pinch of positivity

image by Pajunen

Systematic positive programming is the key to success? This is a tough one. Most motivational speakers say  it is important to keep your mindset in a state of certainty. This is what I learned and it wasn't from some self help book or seminar, although I think their pretty amazing. During my swimming lessons as is usually the case, i was consistently dropping in the pool like a 10 Ton anchor. I asked the instructor why out of all the people in the pool I seemed to be lacking. He said, move from your core, if your core is weak, you will be inconsistent in your movement. The water wants to automatically propel you forward,the reason you keep sinking is because your core is weak. In life our core is our mental ability, use your mind. The water is the universe, push with what you have, strengthen your core, educate yourself, filter the good from the bad, take action, and let the universe move you. We have to take charge of wether we sink or swim. Sometimes you get water in your nose, swallow a mouthful, but you get right back on learning in our attempts to push forward.


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