image by ahermin

Enter challenge
And the world it spins 
I walk topsy turving, tilting on my head
Travelling with my dreams instead
As high heels click with typewriter precision on the slabbed pavement. 
We tip toe on high heels, 
Smoke filters into the darkness 
Scent of hunger attaches itself to my skin,
I am a dreamer and starving still,
I am seduced by the night sky 
A beautiful black 
An Ocean of stars 
With each thought picked by me,
Enter challenger;
Here we stand ;
This giant fist
This iron man
This wing upon;
A holy throne
When we walk;
We stride alone
Feet itch
They stretch and glide
Sweat clasped hands held 
Side by side
Bodies melt like oil
Mind moves with machine authority
Click click goes the  type writer of the brain,
And when I leave 
The smoke remains
For the mystery of a life with questions 
Sits in corners 
On once upon a busy street. 

Red ebony


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