Eating self education

image by Ml1k

The conflict of miseducation leads us to believe we are less than we are. You are more powerful than you know, it is important to look within. Your spirit cannot be broken. Battered or beat. It is simple, refuse to say no to your dreams. Refuse to allow others to tear you down or break your spirit, because the world is full of people who try. If you find yourself attracting toxic people , keep your distance. Toxic people are contaminated, they spread poison, and it is important to build yourself up to Epic proportions. Have your vision in sight and keep moving forward , keep striving toward the change you need, and don't let anyone tear you down.  Or steal your joy. Sometimes people who are unhappy within themselves, are blood thirsty, and hungry to see you fall appart. It makes them feel better about themselves, it makes them feel like they have something in common with other people, Focus on building yourself up, when others are working so diligently to tear you down. I say it time and again, know who you are.


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