How to get over a bad breakup

image by luctellier

Bad breakups suck, especially when your crossing the road when you see each other, or you cant bare to be in the same room as each other. Maybe you have some nasty memories that pop up when you think about that person, or the Chinese whispers about the vile comments he's making about you or family members.
It could be you have fond memories of your best friend stroke lover. Memories can be sporadic like that. Your doing your washing and you remember their laugh, your watching tv and you see their favourite show or something they might like, someone mentions their favourite drink or you walk past their favourite shop, and you feel as though the universe is trying to crucify you. Space. The space you needed was fine until it starts to hurt, or even throb like an invisible wound. Yet remember it was a breakup for one key reason. It didn't work. The function of your relationship to engrosse each others happiness is defaulted. Like a robot that's gone dead. Somewhere in all of this you stopped understanding each other, and decided your flaws weren't cute any longer but explosive. 

Take the space , chug the Ben and jerries ice cream, shop till you drop , party with friends, talk about your feelings, read a book, take on a new project, dream, take on a new goal and focus on move forward. It will be difficult. Healing takes time, yet it's something you must do.

Breakups are difficult to get through. The healing process can be long and exhausting. You may find yourself crying in street corners, on buses, in cars when you drive, as you are circled by friends. Just remember you are already over it. When someone is not right for you, they are not right for you. When someone has broken your trust or damaged your spirit, you need time to build your confidence backup again, and you need to allow a new love into your life with time. You must heal yourself. Cleanse yourself, and try not to punish yourself for making a bad choice. It's not the mistakes we make that define us but how we bounce back from them. 


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