Weak moments are allowed

image by iraqiguy

We all have our weak moments, what's even more pathetic, are the people who use your weak moments to validate their lack of self esteem. Your destruction is how they get their kicks, and if they break you, they believe they will be happy. Sadly people like this show themselves for what they are, the reveal the pieces that are them, the broken images, the jigsaw of a shattered reflection, they cant bare to look at. The reality is they invite destruction into their own lives, they reveal themselves to those around. The wallpaper cracks are very visible. Here's a reality cheque sometimes we need to cash, if someone invests that much time in breaking your spirit, in putting you down, they must be pretty damaged inside. No matter how small they make you feel, remember you must be pretty important for them to invest so much time in tearing you down. Just remember, our weak moments, our silly moments, vulnerable, embarassing, even our humiliation is all worth it, because we can utilise it as a strength and become something greater. Let other people judge you, they too will be judged.


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