Missing intuition (There already)

image by dzaet

My missing intuition
He bites and i bite back
clawing through the numb mess
and all the skittles in my head,
i count to ten
bite my frozen fingers
whistle at the wind
For there is vastness now,
the desert is who we become
Midnight or charcoal black
I am sleek,
with the longing
for old scents on my skin
Tobacco stained teeth that used
to bruise my lips
and a blast of Antarctica which filled my lungs
every time my womb was empty
I'd sing myself to sleep
The cricket croaked in my throat
suffocating me
with the pulse of my own inferiorities
i am dot next to you
you are Ocean i would say
then chew at my lips nervously
as i stood in corners, 
like bulked clotted cream just 
popped there,
The stain of my anxiety,
the pool of wet soaking my watermelon limbs
Wishing to God that i was there already


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