Best friend

image by ladyfern

It was our time
The world was a place to be conquered
We captivated it with our smiles
The jubilant laughter
Of skins slipping into body
And now i say
Where is the scent
That was at my side
The demons
that haunted us
Could not hide
Then they ripped
and dragged
and clawed
We saw versions
We'd never bought before
It was our time
Eclipsing world
Stone throw fences
Catapult into space
Rotating hips
and grinding lips
We were the sunlight
At it's peak
Eyes that scattered
Dust mite
Sins of stray Kittens
Taps hand on shoulder
Out here in the wilderness
Where the sea is ink
I thought becomes
The fears i think
a burst of voice
From Sombre
Best friend
where was the smiles
on our face.
These broken teeth
and polaroids
in eclipto
No more music for our Calypso
Best friend
You were my song of choice
My eardrums hearken
For your noise.


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