Feeling inner friendship: How to fight for the confidence within

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It is an interesting thing, learning to allow the insults of others fall on deaf ears, yet today...it's something i plan to fight to keep hold of. People have a habit of trying to kick us when were down, and yet not all of them. There is  a world of people out t here. Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions, billions, and possibly even trillions. While we sit disecting the actions of the few, you are more than their narrow minded thinking. You are the way you are. Often times we fix and adjust ourselves according to size. Someone feels threatened so you humble yourself more, someone thinks your arrogant , so you ensure you express humility. Guess which lesson i had to learn the hard way this year. No matter what you do, there are people in life who will find ways and reason's not to like you. Yet for everyone who doesn't there are probably ten more, 50 more or a hundred more who will. Just as you are. Not needing you to negotiate your traits, not judging or questioning every move you make, because they have lives, and you are not the god of their existence.

I used to think that you need everyone to like you,then i started to realize with age, most people can actually count all their friends on one finger. People who have been there for you. There are people out there who will always be riled up because your something their not, you have a quality that they may not have.

Confidence is something worth fighting for. I was at a business seminar once and my Mentor asked me about close friends, feeling a loss, i said not too many of those. To that he succintly replied you have to be your best friend, you have to like you first before other people do, you have to see yourself as worthy enough to be loved, and worthy enough to be appreciated. We are a self worth discovering. I realize and i accept that people are flawed,some of the greatest people you'll ever meet, with telling stories, with vision with purpose went through this struggle called life. We are not perfect people. Do some of us go through hell trying to be perfect? Do some of us come through the Wars battling to please everyone around us, especially those we love? Yes. Can some of us be cruel at times, and be versions of ourselves we don't respect? Not that many people go out of their way to be imperfect, and yet i say to anyone who is trying to build themselves up, the person next to you is also carrying baggage on this trek. We may not be at Mecca yet, but we are still building and tearing down, your mental home will always need refurnishing.


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