Hindrance and haste: Moving past Waste (toxic people how to beat them)

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" Oh my gosh he did what?!" Yes, actual verbatim, you don't need your best friend, sister, or even your Cousin screaming this guy is an arsehole run. You already have your tracksuit on and your trainers to make a Speedy exit. Often times we sit debating why, who, when, are we being over sensitive, is it really as bad as it seems. Just ask yourself one question, are you feeling like crap? Yes. Arseholes will often try desperately to defend their actions, claiming mightily how you drove them to such destructive behaviors, the toxic friend who winds you up then stands in awe as you detonate, convincing everyone else that your the problem. Here it is in a nutshell. In some way we are all the problem, we all have problems, yet how these people choose to relate to you, shows their challenges are clearly "mightier" than yours.

It is easy to allow people to overwhelm you with their stuff, you snap, you pop, you fizz, you sob and you weep, wondering what the agenda is behind it all. Why you are the target of their hate campaign, and how every single accomplishment you make somehow makes them the giant and you the midget in their eyes. This is what i'm starting to understand about life, misery loves company. It is the oldest rule in the book, yet to the woman who is sobbing in the dark as her charismatic husband charms everybody else then returns home to assault her after making such a performance of being Mr Nice Guy, or the Young girl who is consistently put down by her peers for being vaguely intelligent, these are not happy people. They are not happy in their lives, their not happy in their selves, their attempts to bring you down validate one simple thing, they have a lot of bitterness and too much time on their hands, the work colleague who seems to think every good thing you do is a setup to make them look bad. I know the question you ponder internally as you quirk your brow.
 "Jeeze what did i do?"

My Sister said something to me this morning that made perfect sense. We are nobodies punching bag, no matter the Story, no matter the excuse. People have no right to strategically make you feel bad when it's based on even a hint of envy. Go  for a walk, talk it out with your therapist, just don't take it out on me.

Then you have those village idiots who seem to enjoy using you as a foundation to entertain others, they lack self esteem in themselves, and you are the target for all their unfulfilled dreams. Everything they never accomplished in life, every failed relationship, every Company that didn't hire them, every person that's like you that rubbed them up the wrong way. Here it is. Big long sigh, hands in the air, it's not your problem. Your not here to fix them, you don't owe it to them. It is not our jobs to fix people, it is not our jobs to understand everything. We are not gods, we only think we are.

I'm the why person, always quizzing why, asking why, needing to understand why certain people create such a distance, such a divide, and celebrate the Gap they've built eager for an audience of empty ears. It's fine to create a distance when you believe someone is a threat to such things as family, the foundation of it all, some of us because of finance, we worry the world sees us as an ATM, and others are just smart enough to realize what it's hard to acknowledge most days. Happiness is wealth. Wealth attracts abundance if you mix with those who like to bury others in the gutter, you'll end up dirty as hell, nobody is Virginal when we take on the chaos of other peoples minds. Your mind has to be in the right place mentally, for you to accomplish success, and the greatest success is happiness. There's an old African saying, "show me your friends and i'll tell you who you are." Pick your company wisely. Money can be recycled but the time you waste with the wrong kinds of people, you can never get back.


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