How to accept when your crush doesn't like you

I remember it clearly, a crush on a guy i was so fixated on, i couldn't read the red hot signals of rejection. His body language said it in black and white, yet i fawned over him consistently, convinced that my good cheer, poetry, and charming intellect would steal his gaze. I became a laughing stock.

It is tempting to believe that you can wear some down, charm them, even bribe their affections, yet in the long run, they have to fall for you naturally. It has to be your smile that tempts them, your eyes that fill them with much intimidation, your gaze that locks upon theirs, and your intellect that makes them navigate closer and closer. There is nothing worse than a Beg date. Beg date's don't get love, but most of all, they never get respect. Any respect is quickly diminished, and as others look on, they will also puzzle at your behaviour. When someone likes you, they like you, who you are, your flaws make you interesting, your quirks make them curious, your insight makes them want to share a moment with you. It is you that's on their mind, you are worthy of love, your time is coming, if you have a high regard for yourself.

We have to love ourselves before others can love us, and sometimes we learn to love the hard way. Accept that you may not be their type, don't be the class clown, or everybody's entertainment. You want to be a self that in time, you will respect.


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