Beating writers block

Its not perfect and yet it doesn't have to be. Writing is about expression. If your sstruggling with dialect, taking your character from a to b, designing a scene and....corrupting the page with it. As a writer do not give into your sensitivities, you are not writing for everybody else, your doing it for yourself, because this is your passion, your escapism, your fruit for the day. It is the way you meet your dreams and conquer your enemies, writing is a journey. You can write something imperfect and come back to edit it another day with a fresh perspective, your perspective, you renewed. If your intimidating yourself by comparing your work to others, stop. Write as though it were your last day on earth, you started enjoying the process, you knew it was a gift, so share it. Give it validity. Prose is not immediately perfect, there are many things which go into producing a bestseller, or simply a good piece of work, read and right till your exuberant, enjoy the process, you are the creator, the champion of the page. If you need a distraction go for a walk, have a long soak, read your favourite book from cover to cover, just enjoy, writing is fun, let it be exactly that.


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