Dreaming on a dashboard

Who told you you couldn't do it? Whatever negative things others are trying to force feed you, don't force feed yourself it. As a human being we are allowed to have strengths and allowed to have weaknesses. Let your mind take you beyond the 'real' and carry yourself, beyond the bracket. Each person has their own journey, your miles are different to those around you, your face tells your story beyond your words. Captivate your audience, hook them in and sell your strengths. You are more than a label, more than a geographical statistic, you are your own mount Everest and with each challenge you are beating the obstacles ahead. People will try and grind you down, break your spirit, make hostile suggestions about who you are, but we are not supposed to fit in with everybody. We are not supposed to be a uniformed block of cells, we are a collective when we choose to be, and can flow independently from the malice of others. Shut your ears to haters, blisters, and people will equipped for life, they are expressing their frustrations about their failed dreams, about the identity they chose to project and now you are the exhibit for their pain. Pick your time wisely, it is expensive it is yours and you will never get it back. I remember my youth as though it were yesterday, old dreams,and a screaming girl,chasing me like a shadow, erasing my tears with laughter, communicating everything I hid beyond the fold. Let that child be free and never allow yourself to become jaded by other people's problems and other people's insecurities. One day they will have nothing but themselves to keep their own failures alive, but right now, you are the projection of what they wish they could become. Failure comes by crossing your own lane and trying to run someone else's race, you are immediately disqualified.

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