From post to power: understanding social sabotage

In this lifetime people will try their very best to sabotage and bring you down, they are called toxic people. Neatly packaged to appear normal yet you have no idea what chaos roams in the secret crevices of their mind. It's easy to allow envious people to drag you down, to let them steal from your energy and your chi, yet there are ways they cannot win. When you fight to stay happy, to build yourself up, no matter the cost, to celebrate your achievements, have the guts to think with clarity of mind and say in this moment, I am strong. No matter what is happening on the outside, envious people have an inferiority complex. Their hunger for power makes them even weaker to themselves, when they look in the mirror it's a self they hate, and that's usually projected unto you. Human beings crave positions of power, know this and no matter what experience you have in any scenario, or workplace, you will be prepared for any nonsense that comes your way.


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