Ink boy
With your beagles eyes
Within my Palm
I hold the sky's
I hold the dreams
Young boys
Once lost
The story's
That they tell you cost
Go chase that
Clutter starlet sky
Ask those questions
For who
And why
Reap rewards of
Things once found
Canvas places far renowned
For a dream will make you
And a dream
Will take you
The world will see
And not mistake you
For ham in a sandwich
Tucked beneath fold
A piece of lettuce
A chef once mold
For its our dreams we eat
On charcoal nights
A virile dream
Is out of sight
With life's realities
And prick
When we ponder
It comes down to it
How badly do
You want
The sale of an organ
A throbbing heart
Your Palm
I say with
Much too
A spoonful
Of hope
Is medicine
To cope
With the chaos
Life brings
And creeping fears
That sing


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