loosing will


I run a lot 
I hide 
I duck
A pot of soup
For my good luck
Never a beauty queen
Was I
Never a dreamer 
To paint the sky 
Yet in this horrid
Cardboard box
I see a light
Once null and void
Shift my
To avoid
The longing
Which belongs to me
Salt salivates
Upon my tongue
A wrinkled hand
Yet face so young
The scan of a dimple
The pain of a cleft
When I see
My reflection
I am bereft
With needs upon 
Such hostile needs
And deeds that mean
I plant some seeds
A taste of soil
Grainy.in mouth
Yet I remain 
My north
My south
The compass self
Of wounds bestowed
Whatever's left
Honored I own
As paperclip people
Traffic still
No dense am I
But I've lost my will


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