moving forward


The thought of allowing an envious person to win., should go beyond motivating you. It should be your hunger, your food, the first thing you think of when you get up in the morning, your sandwich and your lunch at night. Your success is sending a clear message to a jealous saboteur, if they want to take you on, they have to play fair. Not use sneaky pathetic tactics to validate themselves, not try and draw you into a hostile situation,seriously some people should learn to stay in their own lane, if they continue to watch you they will loose the battle and the war. Sadly with most envious people,that's exactly what it is, a war. In their kinds you have it all and they have nothing, the little you have their desperate to take it from you because your made of something their not. It's called guts. How many people watch others spend their time whining about not having this and not having that, when in your mind all your thinking is Jesus Christ, you want it that badly go for it. Get proactive, stop hating on him, her and them, and take action to move your life forward. Empower yourself, that's what everybody else is trying to do why don't you stop being pathetic and do the same. Envious people always shoot themselves in the foot, their need to be better than you, without putting in the hard work, only makes them hate themselves more, and makes others loose respect for them. Next time your in bad company, distance yourself and find positive confident people who know what they want and can actually go for it without dragging others down. It only makes them look pathetic.


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