The rain on my skin

Gentle rain on weeping skin
Swallow me
Left in between,
The cuckoo's nest,
A Gatsby song
Recently I scribbled
All alone
Wisdom planted
Tiny seeds
Waiting for an awesome
A hue to bleed
With raspy leaves
Where hands they
Like eager sleeves
Nature sobs
For ocean bed
Tumultuous wind
Gasps loud instead
The sun it shrieks
Crossing sky
A carousel
Where ancients lie
Give me a Palm
A hand or two
Shake my fingers
They belong to you
Coat my flesh
In dazzled light
Let it wink
Way past the night
And symbolise what we have
And all the greatness
We have been
Our complex circle
Our broken threads
The laymen watch
Our conjoined heads
Nature passes with a kiss
I yearn for days
That belong to this.


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