How to handle being in a Relationship with an age difference

Age aint nothing but a number. But experience is important in any relationship.I'm not talking sexual experience, emotional experience. If you date someone from an older generation, or you're seeing someone from a younger generation, there are key things to look out for as you would in any relationship.
Are they proud to be in a committed relationship with you? Does the age thing make them blush with shame, are you being used as a trophy and to combat their fear of aging, or are you just so irresistible to hang with they couldn't let this one get away?

When they bump into your friends, or you bump into theirs, do they respectfully try and ease you into their circle, or would they rather you two weren't seen in public together?

How about who they are around family, do they constantly patronise you because your younger or criticise you because your older?

Are you natural together, do you have things in common?
Are you happy when your in the presence of this person, more importantly are you happy when your on your own?

These are factors to consider.


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