The truth about success

I realise now after much trial and error that the truth about success, is not the candy they feed you in the adverts, or the words that lick nicely across the page in an autobiography. Success can be consistency, hope when it bites, hard work even though everyone else is telling you, or even showing you how well their progressing, which indirectly makes you feel like your not moving forward at all. I used to think success was powerful verbs, words that showed how mighty and stealthy i could be. Sentences that made me seem fearless, information that no one else had the patience to research. How success now? There's different variations to it. Yet the journey towards success, is the hard work you don't see. Those tears of frustration, and the sobs of disappointment, as you try and fail so much you wonder if anything will ever come of it. In success, there is no way around it. You have to fail, but you don't always have to fail gracefully. You have to loose, until your consistently looking for other avenues to validate that piercing vision which only you can see. No one else is supposed to see it, don't kid yourself that their supposed to get it, and overcompromise. It's your dream, you fight for it. You suck in your stomach and aquare up your shoulders when someone tells you about how perfect their life is. You swallow hard when someone who took a completely different route is driving past you in a nice new car. Success is your fight, how to be successful will not be an easy thing for you to figure out. Yet push we must. No matter how many people we feel we have let down, no matter how many people quit on us. You must never quit on yourself.


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