Emotional abuse

Checklists to know when your being abused and why it's a pervert and not a game

Perverts have seen you naked without your permission
They have strategies to try and forcibly get you to sleep with them
Being called a slug or a whore if you don't sleep with them
Having your reputation ruined
Being abused regularly whether
Verbally or with physical action
Making excuses when caught out
Getting angry when you tell anyone, abusers hate being exposed
Being treated as the black sheep even if someone else commits the same crime
Consistently feeling alone,
He or she will tell you your too ugly to be with anyone else. Tell everyone, the goal is mental torture, the goal is abuse and destroy. Divide the self from the self, loose confidence, so your easier to control
You'll start to feel like your going crazy, at times you will,
Tell everyone.Abusers only survive in secret.


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