Disabled girl abusers disgrace

Rotted bones
And life
Damaged men
Always have
Their uses
For vulnerable
Pretty little things
A child of
His fear
Of left behind
Why did he pick you
Because he is sick
Because he's perverted
Because he's a freak
Silence your pain
With the slam of
A door
Caged in the nuisance
Of his tortured existence
I hate you
But love me
He cries
It spills and spills
Those massacre tears
For he's been doing this
A while
And no one knows
How it messed
You up inside
Don't let her leave
Don't let her leave
You are at the start
The lengths he'll
A running track
Of missing heads
Of lurching brains
No shoulders 'stead
Don't let
Her leave
I'm all fucked up
It trickles down his sleeve
Target the disabled
The one with no connections
Tonight I'll worship
And thrust my erection
In.open air
The breeze of space
No shame is like
Abusers disgrace


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