when your dating crazy

There's a book called what seems like crazy on a......no ain't nothing cute about crazy. There's a difference between having mental health problems, and being bat shot crazy to garner as much attention as possible. My argument is this. The morons who act foolishly, forcefully discredit their sanity in order to be hailed with such terms as, " wow your crazy," to " wow your nuts!!" People are very diplomatic, and have a habbit of telling us what we want to hear. The psychotic individual through a series of foolish behaviours wants to be known as wild uninhibited, free, so moron why not simply have your friends call you an eccentric. I recently came across a guy with so much bitterness, jealousy and no self esteem whatsoever. Unaware that I knew his obsession with me was verging on insane, and a thorough lack of confidence, he became worse as the years went by. Desperate to alienate me in a sense so he could have and control me all to himself, manipulate others, abuse and bully me. He was older than me, yet had this sadistic obsession with me and everything I came into contact with. I'd often wondered once upon a time why he seemed so separate from moving things, lost, alien in happiness, when God sends you a message about someone heed it. Clearly, he was someone the universe had decided didn't deserve to be happy, upon acknowledging the company he kept I realised why. This was someone who was cursed by their own cruelty and malice , watch out for those who are desperate to compete with you or others around you in an unhealthy way. They want to control the people you have access too, what you wear, who you talk to, most of all how you invest your time. I hate to be brutal but people like this don't deserve to be happy, because no one around them actually is. They are beyond emotionally exhausting, draining, yet what we realise as the saga continues is how deadly they are to both yours and their pieces of mind, you see what they do to you, they do to themselves.Therefore they retain orbit around their own misery. Despite many protests that he would never go near a lady as myself, I was too imperfect in some way, he continued to actively sabotage any relationships I tried to get into. The happier I was, the more rejected he felt. The more my attention was elsewhere,the more he'd feel he had run out of narcissistic supply. Everything done became about proving to me how strong he was, how attractive he was, how he was the catch. This personality trait is identified as narcissism. Crazy is as crazy does, just make sure your not part of it.


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