Getting over seizures in public

Now this is a bit full on for me, the thought of someone tampering with my brain. Although playing devils advocate,if your seizures create enough dysfunction, you should look at all avenues that look at progress and change. It's not instantaneous the results we see, but we need to take risks if we want positive results. my epilepsy started in my early teens, but lucky for me at the time I had a mindset not to let it define me. Focus on something outside of the epilepsy. Change your diet to a healthier one, meditate to calm and soothe the mind. I usually go for long walks it helps me document my ideas with the recorder on my phone, and express my feelings in a positive arena. A journal is a great idea, it will help you recognize key triggers and look at how your medication is working for you. How are it's side effects affecting you, how can you counter them? It's important to face epilepsy looking at a positive outcome.


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