Getting started blogging to increase revenue

Why do some people never make their fortune? They are ineffective when it comes to setting up goals and taking action. Their plan has no structure, they have no daily regiment, and they are not regularly informing themselves about their niche, marketing, and promotions. Have a business mindset when you set out to do anything, I'd love to tell you to get focussed and get active. All ill say is start. That's it, simply start, New projects are intimidating, they make us doubt ourselves, question whether we're the right people for the job, and we procrastinate.
Research your niche thoroughly, identify with your audience, by asking them a series of questions, maybe hold a series of online surveys, questionnaires,google hangouts for discussion,
Focus on producing debatable topics that audiences are likely to get interactive
Go to question and answer sites to get feedback
Make your blog content seo friendly
Network with other blogs
Advertise.job opportunities for people to guest post on your blog,and request guest blogging for yourself. Simply get started


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