Highly effective ways to market your blog and why you should keep going

It's so delicious to quit something as difficult as blogging in an attempt to earn revenue. The experts will tell you it's easy, you'll make your fortune in a minute. The reality, you better be in it for the long haul. Blogging is about self expression, sharing ideas, using the internet as a platform to propel yourself. Remember why you started and it will stop you dragging your feet. There are people making millions blogging, desperate to change their lives they stuck at it. Have a niche, a passion that gets you up in the morning, let your mouth go dry as you awe at the wisdom of others, sell your products by understanding the perspective of your target audience. What is their budget, if they were to spend money on a product which brand would they go for, how do you upgrade to meet the standards of your competition. Research never stops, continue to analyse the data within your niche, if you need to produce charts for it with statistics and a completed report, then do so. What do you define about the state of the market, where is there a gap, how do you add a different spin to your niche portfolio. More importantly how do you create a brand. You are no imposter, you have a place in this market, yet you have to be willing to combine Intel and productivity. Produce high quality, saleable content that will drive traffic to your site,guest blog on key arenas like tech crunch who are currently looking for guest bloggers, link build on forums and blog directories and post your links to articles on social media: keep going


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