How to write articles that bring in income

Making money is all about building a regular base of followers where you can input ideas,prescribe new perspectives and solve a problem. The question is how much have you researched your niche in order to provide the resources be it entertainment, fun, debates, interactivity and interconnectivity for your websites. That's right  you may need more than one
Word of mouth
Share your articles on social media
Get in touch with other people giving them tips and advice for their topic
Make sure as well as being intellectual y informed, your page is visually stimulating
Have a google hangout session , provide a topic that will get everyone buzzing
Market your site promote it on directories, or sites and other news forums
Connect to similar sites like you're telling them to invest in your hot new topic
Have a theme
Use buzzwords
Make your page distinct
Know your audience well discuss topics that affect them, fiinance,getting off the ground.
Use networked blogs to promote and sell your experience,resources and products
Words that are a hot sell
Share your experiences, make it personal to you.
Word of mouth
Be critical
Have a business plan and structure
Create the topics for next week a week in advance
If your site was a product how would you brand it
What type of people would be interested in it
Where would you find them
Be active on social media and most of all enjoy the process.writing is more engaging when it's written in a fun lively style.


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